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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



              The team is Miss Ash, Miss Tindale, Miss King, & Miss Simpson.



Autumn 1


Global Curriculum theme and question

We will be focusing on the theme of ‘Human Rights’ and the question, ‘Should we be given the freedom to move freely around the world?’ 



This half term we will be writing a narrative. This will be based on ‘A Story Like the Wind’ by Gill Lewis. This will link in with our question, ‘Should we be given the freedom to move freely around the world?’ We will be looking at year 5 specific grammar expectations and spellings from the year 5 and year 6 word list.

Book Study

For book study, we are looking at the book ‘Resist’ which is non fiction and explores our ‘Human Rights’ global curriculum topic.


During Maths lessons we will be covering:

Place value




As the children have missed chunks of their learning during the pandemic, we will be having a focus on number and arithmetic. Therefore daily practise of what we have been learning in lessons and times tables is vital.


Our science topic of Materials will recap and consolidate knowledge from Year 4 and will build on this to understand more about how different materials react to changes made to them.

History and Geography

Our Learning Journey this half term will be about North America.

This will start with a history focus, learning about the American Revolution, followed by indigenous tribes and the impact European immigrants had on them.  For geography, we will delve into the various biomes of North America including the tundra and grasslands and the features and animals that inhabit them.


Our RE topic links to our global theme and question as we will be looking at why people have to stand up for what they believe in.

We will use historical and present day figures as examples.


We will start the year looking at Safe relationships, Families and Friendships.


We will start the year recapping and building our knowledge of key skills on when using the computer in preparation for getting our laptops.


In art we will look at examples of installation art and artwork that does not remain the same and is contributed to by the people that go and see it.  We will use what we find out to design and make a piece of installation art with a group.


Athletics fundamental skills

Co-operative Games/Problem Solving


We will learn about Rag Time music and learn to play along with a track using glockenspiels.


The children will build on their knowledge of French vocabulary in a range of different areas.