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Design and Technology

The Design and Technology curriculum gives children the chance to design, make and evaluate products that have real meaning to them and the world around them. Our work in Key Stages 1 and 2 is based on the principals of design, make and evaluate.

The children are encouraged to create using their own ideas, selecting materials and finding solutions independently when faced with real building challenges – just like professional designers. As part of DT, children at Phillimore also learn to cook, bake and understand the principals of food and nutrition throughout the year (see our Food and Nutrition page in this section).

Early Years

Our Early Years learning is built on self-discovery, making, building and building again. Outdoor areas bursting with fantastic resources to support child-led learning. Junk modelling and construction opportunities with wood, clay, playdough are part of daily life in our purpose-built play based environment where every child gets to be a critical thinker.

Key Stage 1

In KS1, children begin to learn the process of designing a product before making it, considering materials and developing prototypes before getting hands on. They start to evolve critical thinking skills by evaluating their own build and the work of others. We film the children evaluating their models and considering new ways forward for next time.

In Y1, children design and made musical instruments as well as rockets with moving parts. Following prototypes built from blocks and construction straws, the children go on a woody scavenger hunt for natural objects, before designing and making a tree house tall and safe enough for stickman.

In Y2, children build dens from logs and sticks out in Sherwood Forest then return to school to design and build a shelter that would really work. We build bridges and test their strength and design and prepare healthy fruit platters with young opeople

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 the children hone their design skills working with more independence on purposeful design projects that help them to solve problems step by step. And also support learning in areas of history, science and geography. Key Stage 2 take advantage of our purpose-built kitchen facilities and visiting experts; to support baking and cookery skills that take them to the next level of understanding in nutricion.


In Y4, children make, design and build volcanoes and Aztec houses from clay.

Y5 use woodworking tools to build a working catapult using levers and hinges. Y5

Y6 apply Electronics, making circuits with bulbs and wires to create games and toys for a younger child to enjoy.