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FS2-KS2 In year applications

At Phillimore, we have two form entry, which allows us to have up to 60 children per year group. Our procedures and policy are in line with that of Sheffield Local Authority.

In-Year Admissions


Phillimore Primary School participates in the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions.  If a parent of a child on our roll wishes to apply for a transfer to another school, they must obtain a transfer form from the school for completion of Section 2.  The application must then be sent to the Local Authority which will process the application on the parent’s behalf.  The Local Authority will confirm the outcome of the application in writing within 15 school days.  If the application is refused, the Local Authority will advise on the statutory appeal procedure.  Details of the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme and how in-year applications are managed can be seen at


Families New to the City


For families that are new to the City, they should contact the Children Missing Education Team at or 0114 273 6462 to arrange an appointment to make an admission application.”




If your child is allocated a place at Phillimore you will receive a letter from the admission department informing you of this. As soon as you receive this you should make contact with us either by telephone or by coming in-person to the main school office on Henson Street.

At the same time, the school is also sent an allocation notice and once we have this Mrs Sutton will contact you to arrange an admission meeting and tour of the school.


If you are allocated a place at Phillimore but do not want your child to attend here, you have the right of appeal. Information on how to do this should be included in the allocation letter you received. It is important that you still contact us to tell us you do not want the place for your child.

In most cases, you will be expected to bring your child to Phillimore until the appeal process is complete. If you choose not to do this your child will be referred to the children missing education team.