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Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Friday 27th July 2012 London Itinerary

08:45 Meet at Phillimore

         Drop overnight bag off at school

         Each child to carry own bag with items for the day (see separate list)

         Drive in 2 cars (Mrs Wild and Ms Searle) to Sheffield Train station


09:30 Park/walk to station


10:27 Train to London St Pancras station, platform 5. Eat lunch on train


12:33 Arrive St Pancras station, platform 3. Walk to platform 12


12:52 Train from platform 12 to Stratford International station


12:59 Arrive Statford International station, platform 4 met by Olympic

          marshals and walk to the Olympic Park


14:10 Scheduled time to arrive at Olympic Park. Register with Education

          Team. Snack pack, water, poncho provided by LOCOG, proceed

          through security accompanied by Olympic marshal


15:00 Tour the Olympic Park and visit some of the Olympic venues – photo

           opportunities (approx 90mins)


16:30 Go to the Copper Box (the handball arena) to receive an evening meal,

          water, a t- shirt, 2 LED Lanterns, opportunity to go into London 2012

          concession to purchase merchandise. Briefing + entertainment

          provided by LOCOG


20:00 – 20:30 Move to Guard of Honour position – meet the team from

         Montenegro and the GB athletes as they make their way to the Olympic



20:30 – 22:30 Guard of Honour


23:00 Depart the Olympic Park, led back to Stratford International station by

          Olympic marshal


23:50 Train from Stratford International


00:30 Train from St Pancras


02:47 Arrive Sheffield – parents collect children from station or walk to

          station car park and drive to Phillimore School. Parents who wish to

          collect the children come to school to meet us.


03:00 Children staying the night, prepare beds in hall


07:30 Breakfast


08:00 Parents collect children from school