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Who's Who

At Phillimore we have caring and committed staff, who work hard to provide a varied and stimulating education for your child, in order for them to be happy and successful.


Gillian Briggs - Headteacher

Alison Blakemore - Deputy Headteacher

Jessica Crothers - Assistant Headteacher

Foundation Stage 1

Miss Lathwood- Teacher

Mrs Booker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hostead - Teaching Assistant

Miss Inglis- Teaching Assistant


Foundation Stage 2
Mrs Readford - Class 1 Teacher
Miss Gyte - Class 2 Teacher/ FS Lead

Mrs Haq- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hussain- Teaching Assistant 

Year 1
Miss Simpson- Class 3 Teacher
Mrs Tasker - Class 4 Teacher
Miss Ball- Teaching Assistant

Miss Qadoos- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicula- Teaching Assistant 


Year 2

Mrs Beever - Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Lee- Class 5 Teacher

Mr Digby - Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Cook - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jubb- Teaching Assistant

Miss Hussain- Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss Yates- Class 7 Teacher

Mrs Cain- Class 8 Teacher

Miss- Armitage- Class 8 Teacher

Mrs Olive- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Saeed - Teaching Assistant

Year 4
Mr Wray - Class 9 Teacher
Miss Dennison - Class 10 Teachers

Mrs Naylor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mayo- Teaching Assistant


Year 5

Miss Ash- Class 11 Teacher

Miss Tindale- Class 12 Teacher

Miss King- Class 12 Teacher

Mrs Bullas- Teaching Assistant

Year 6
Miss Dineen- Class 13 Teacher

Mr Goegan - Class 14 Teacher

Mr Lenehan- Class 15 Teacher

Miss Iqbal- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Worrall- Teaching Assistant


Additional Teaching Staff

Miss Barnes - MFL Teacher

Ms Searle - PE Teacher

Mr Whitehead- SENCO

Mrs Smith- HLTA

Inclusion Team
Mrs Blakemore - Inclusion Manager
Mr Whitehead - Personalised Learning Coordinator

Mrs Sutton - Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL)

Mrs Jessop- Inclusion Teacher

Mr Russell- Inclusion Teacher 

Mrs Pervin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Manterfield - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nisa- Teaching Assistant


Mrs Morris - Business Manager
Miss Garner - Business Support Officer (currently on maternity leave)

Miss McDonnell - Business Support Officer (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Sutcliffe- Business Support Officer

Ms Dennison-Business Support Officer


Premises Staff

Mr Walton- Caretaker

Mr Cross- Cleaner in Charge

Mrs Morton- Cleaner

Mrs Gwiazda- Cleaner

Miss Kandracova- Cleaner

Mrs Hussein- Cleaner


Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Perween - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Gwiazda- Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Hayley Bosworth - Lunchtime Supervisor