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Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork at Phillimore


Year 1 spot the salt-marsh on their Fieldwork trip to Cleethorpes        




During every school year, Phillimore children have the opportunity to take part in Fieldwork as part of an ambitious and inclusive Geography curriculum. From coastal fieldwork at Cleethorpes and a dairy farm in the hills bordering Barnsley in Year 1;  to mapping pollution on the River Goyt and practising four and six figure grid references in Year 5.

Humanities Week (Autumn Term) and Citizenship week (Spring Term) provide us with extra time for the children to leave the classroom and begin to develop their skills and experiences as geographers out in the field, where the work really happens. Sustainability is at the heart of our global curriculum at Phillimore.



We recognise that fieldwork and outdoor opportunities will equip the next generation of young people with the skills and knowledge to greet a future affected by climate change with positivity, drive and kindness!


   Mapping the playground to persuade Mrs Briggs to ‘green’ our concrete!


Citizenship Week


       Key Stage 1 Litter pickers trying to make a difference



This year’s Citizenship Week (2023) has taken a distinctly Geographical flavour. A Year 2 team of parents, children and teachers picked litter in the local area and recorded their findings. Their work inspired them to write to the local Housing Department to complain about rubbish on a housing estate near school.  




Year 4 designed and carried out a Traffic Survey, where they tallied the traffic in the local area to find out the extent of the traffic problem in Darnall.  


Year 3, made sketch maps of the ‘green spaces’ around the edges of the school; and designed and carried out a survey of adults and children from the local community on their thoughts and feelings about living amongst so much litter. Meanwhile, Year 6 surveyed birds, plant-life and animals in the same local area and graphed their results.