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At Phillimore School we aim to make maths lessons engaging, exciting, well-resourced and challenging for children of all abilities! As well as everyday maths lessons, there are a range of maths activities children can do at lunchtimes and after school to help improve their learning.

At Phillimore we follow a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. This means that we are aiming to develop a deep, long-term understanding of the subject rather than teaching children to learn procedures without really knowing the meaning and concepts behind them.

At the heart of a mastery approach is the belief that every child is capable of achieving.

Some key features of the mastery approach to maths teaching are:

  • The use of mathematical representations (visuals and practical aids) to help with the understanding of concepts.

  • Using a variety of representations and using practice exercises that encourage thinking rather than repeating the same procedure over and over with different numbers.

  • All children working on the same concept, with children who grasp a concept quickly, deepening their understanding of the concept rather than moving on to something new.

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