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Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

The team is Mrs Readford, Mr Sharples, Miss Gyte,  Mrs Hussain& Mrs Haq.




Welcome to Foundation Stage 2. We are really happy that all of the children have settled in to Foundation Stage 2 really well and are eager to learn. Miss Gyte, Mrs Hussain, Mr Sharples, Mrs Readford and Mrs Haq are looking forward to getting to know you more over the next few weeks and are excited to be your teachers.

Learning Journey

Our learning journey this half term will be to look at who we are, who we want to be and our heritage. During our topic, we will be discussing the question ‘Who are we?’ Through this question we will be developing many of the children’s personal social skills, including building confidence when talking in groups, talking to friends about own wants and needs and developing the children’s vocabulary to talk about their own homes and communities, likes and dislikes. We will also be exploring seasons and are starting with autumn and Harvest.



In maths, we will be matching and sorting objects and numbers and comparing amounts, sizes, mass, capacity and patterns. We will also begin looking at representing and understanding numbers up to 10. We will be focusing on circles, triangles, and positional language too.


Phonics and English

We will be using the Little Wandle scheme and be revisiting our Phase 1 oral blending and segmenting of the letters and sounds scheme. These skills are the foundation for all future reading and writing. 

Over this half term, both you and your children will be learning a lot of new skills and vocabulary through reading and through imaginative play. We will encourage children to act out their story ideas and together we will begin to write our own class stories using all of their wonderful imaginative language.

We will also be looking at books that are written by Julia Donaldson and will study vocabulary, rhyming words, characters as well as enjoy the story lines.





PE is on Wednesdays.

Correct PE uniform must be worn to school that day: plain white top/plain black bottoms. No jewellery allowed.




Home Learning

Log in details will be sent in Week 3.

Please speak to Miss Gyte if you have any questions.


Our Foundation Stage Vision