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Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

The team is Miss Gyte, Mrs Heath, Miss Clay, Miss Ball, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Qadoos & Mrs Haq.




Spring 1


In the first half of the Spring term, our topic is mythical creatures and Human Rights. During our Human Rights topic, we will be exploring tolerance. During our topic on Mythical creatures, we will be exploring sub sections on Space, Jungles, Under the Sea, Traditional Tales, Dragons, Dinosaurs, and Adventurers & Explorers. We will use a range of media to help us. We will also              endeavour do answer the question ‘Do we all have the same rights’.




In the first half of this term we will be deepening our understanding of numbers to 5. We will be introducing zero, comparing numbers to 5, comparing mass ad capacity.


In the second half of the term we will explore the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We will be learning about making pairs and comparing 2 groups. We will explore length, height and time too.

Books to support Maths:





Phonics and English

We will continue our Phonics Journey using Little Wandle and will be starting Phase 3 sounds. Practicing these phase 2 and 3 sounds at home is important, especially if your child is finding it hard to recognise, remember or form their letters.  The children will continue to increase their bank of tricky words and begin to write using capital letters and full stops to show the beginning and end of their sentences. At this stage, we will be looking for children to leave gaps (finger spaces) between each word so that both they and others can read their writing back easily. This is essential for them to reach their early learning goal in this area.

In literacy we will be reading stories by the same author, we will be exploring a variety of mythical creatures and use clips from movies such as Shrek, 3 Billy goats (CD) How to train a dragon and tangled. We will be learning how to write instructions, create effective descriptions in our writing, create poems and write letters.




Books to support Literacy at home:



Tooth Brushing Club

Every year there are 60,000 school days lost to tooth extractions and poor oral health. Tooth decay affects a staggering 25% of 5 year olds. It remains the leading cause hospitalisation in children aged 5-9.        


We are taking part in an NHS funded tooth brushing club.

Every child will be given their own new toothbrush each term, which is stored under controlled conditions. All children are supervised while brushing their teeth.

Children need parental permission to join the club. Speak to your child’s teacher for more information.



Home Learning


We will be sending home the log in details for the online learning soon.

Year group expectations

I promise to always try my best

I promise to always have kind hands and feet

I promise to listen

I promise to share

I promise to say please, thank you and sorry when I need to

Autumn 2

Following on from our ‘Who are we?’ topic we will be exploring the question ‘How does the world celebrate?’ alongside the story of ‘The gingerbread man’ and the ‘Christmas Jolly Postman’. The children have many exciting opportunities this half term, including baking! 


In the first half of this term we will be deepening our understanding of numbers to 5. We will learn the composition of numbers to 5 and look at 4 sided shapes. We will also begin to look at time using the book ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy.

In the second half of the term we will be introducing zero, comparing numbers to 5, comparing mass ad capacity.



Phonics and English

We will continue to revisit our Phase 1 oral blending and segmenting. We will be continuing to build on our phonic knowledge to read and write new words using Little Wandle.


Over the half term we will be exploring narrative writing with lots of different stories based on our topic. We will also be using lots of story language, such as ‘Once upon a time..’, ‘A long time ago…’ ‘Right in the middle of the dark, dark night…’ to create our own stories. 






Autumn 1

This half term we are asking the question ‘Who are we? Linked to the global curriculum theme ‘Identity and Diversity’. Through this question we will be developing many of the children’s personal social skills, including building confidence when talking in groups, talking to friends about own wants and needs and developing the children’s vocabulary to talk about their own homes and communities, likes and dislikes.


In maths, we will be matching and sorting objects and numbers and comparing amounts, sizes, mass, capacity and patterns. We will also begin looking at representing and understanding numbers up to 10. We will be focusing on circles, triangles, and positional language too.

Phonics and English

We will be revisiting Phase 1 phonics and beginning Phase 2, practising oral blending and segmenting of the letters and sounds. These skills are the foundation for all future reading and writing.  We will encourage children to act out their story ideas and together we will begin to write our own class stories using all of their wonderful imaginative language. Children will be practising their names and simple sentences using tricky words ‘I’ ‘my’ and ‘am’.

We will also be looking at books about ‘ourselves’ and ‘families’. We will study vocabulary, rhyming words, characters as well as enjoying the stories. These are just a few for this half term.





Yearly overview FS2 2021-22

Our Foundation Stage Vision