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Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

The team is Miss Gyte, Mrs Heath, Miss Clay, Miss Ball, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Qadoos & Mrs Haq.



This half term we are asking the question ‘Who are we? Linked to the global curriculum theme ‘Identity and Diversity’. Through this question we will be developing many of the children’s personal social skills, including building confidence when talking in groups, talking to friends about own wants and needs and developing the children’s vocabulary to talk about their own homes and communities, likes and dislikes.


In maths, we will be matching and sorting objects and numbers and comparing amounts, sizes, mass, capacity and patterns. We will also begin looking at representing and understanding numbers up to 10. We will be focusing on circles, triangles, and positional language too.

Phonics and English

We will be revisiting Phase 1 phonics and beginning Phase 2, practising oral blending and segmenting of the letters and sounds. These skills are the foundation for all future reading and writing.  We will encourage children to act out their story ideas and together we will begin to write our own class stories using all of their wonderful imaginative language. Children will be practising their names and simple sentences using tricky words ‘I’ ‘my’ and ‘am’.

We will also be looking at books about ‘ourselves’ and ‘families’. We will study vocabulary, rhyming words, characters as well as enjoying the stories. These are just a few for this half term.




PE is on Tuesday’s. Correct PE uniform must be worn to school that day: plain white top/plain black bottoms. No jewellery allowed.




Home Learning


We will be sending home the log in details for the online learning soon.

Year group expectations

I promise to always try my best

I promise to always have kind hands and feet

I promise to listen

I promise to share

I promise to say please, thank you and sorry when I need to

Our Foundation Stage Vision