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What does the Funding 2013/14 mean for my School?

At Phillimore Primary School we have split the funding into the three key areas for consideration: Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport. We will spend our external funding (which includes the Sport Premium grant: £9,725, a Change for Life grant: £1,272 and an Olympic Legacy grant: £700) on the following which will boost our existing programmes:

Physical Education:

Raising standards of all our children

in Physical Education







Impact on Pupils

Increase staff subject knowledge and confidence in PE


A co-ordinated approach to CPD across the school to support the development of PE and Sport

Staff deliver high quality PE lessons


Each member of staff including TAs/MDSs to complete a skills audit

Every year group teaching and support staff (F1 to Y6) to receive two half terms’ support (CPD) working alongside PE specialists to deliver high quality lessons in at least one area of activity (Dance, Gymnastics, Games including Paralympic sports).

Balance Ability training for FS and Y1 staff




















Staff more confident and competent to deliver PE lessons. See table of staff CPD A selection of staff comments on the benefits of the Sport Premium:

Children saw how they could connect their dance to our Learning Journey. I could see them using aspects of gymnastics in their dance

PE makes me feel happy because it is fun.” (Y5 girl)

I really love PE because…it has improved my fitness.” (Y3 girl)

He enjoys PE, it’s good for his health and the teachers are very good at helping him how to play.” (Parent of Y3 boy)

Staff have a good understanding of PE, Sport and Physical Activity

5 staff meetings with a PE and Sport focus led by PLT/PE co-ordinator to provide training to raise confidence and competence in teaching PE and school sport

‘Inclusive Sport’ and ‘Goal ball’ courses

‘PE and School Sport‘ conference, Birmingham attended by PLT/PE co-ordinator


























Staff meetings covering:

National picture, planning long and medium term

Ofsted and how do we get to ‘outstanding’?

How safe are our lessons? – practical Gymnastics practical School website + Phillimore’s vision for PE and School Sport

Cross Curricular, Values links...what is working well/not

Planning, Preparation and Assessment, creating a portfolio of evidence

A selection of staff comments on the benefits of the Sport Premium:

I think that PE is much more valued across the staff than it was a few years ago

Thank you Jo for all your support. PE is now a top strength at Phillimore. Provision in the timetable, extra-curricular and enjoyment are clearly evident


Healthy Active Lifestyles:

Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise







Impact on Pupils

Increase activity levels for all, appealing to a wider range of pupils


Increased number for KS2 pupils have access to active playtimes and after school clubs

Lunch Time supervisors to undertake School Sport delivery training working alongside external coach at lunchtime

Y3/4 Cricket after school club with external coach









MDSs more confident to deliver physical activities at lunchtime


25 Y3/4 pupils on Cricket Club register and interested in competing in Y5 Cricket competition in 1/2 years time

Increased number for KS1 pupils have access to after school clubs

Y1/2 Fencing after school club with external coach




15 Y1/2 pupils on Fencing register

Include programme of Balance Ability for younger pupils in Early Years and Y1 planning

All F1, F2 and Y1 pupils follow programme of Balance Ability to introduce/increase biking skills and awareness of safety

Purchase set of balance bikes and helmets to ensure programme is sustainable











All FS and Y1 pupils participated in Balance Ability programme with significant impact on co-ordination/balance in physical situations with staff noting improved concentration levels and fine motor skills in the classroom

10 bikes and helmets purchased

Meet needs/interests of a wider range of pupils

Use local facility ‘Ice Sheffield’ for temporary after school Skating and Curling club. Set up New Age Kurling club at school with equipment





10 Y1/2 pupils on New Age Kurling register.

5 pupils join Ice Sheffield skating lessons


Competitve School Sport:


Increasing pupils’ participation in extra- curricular sport






Impact on Pupils

Increase opportunities for competitive/non competitive sport/physical activities for all pupils

Improved numbers including pupils not currently participating in competitive sport

Organise inter school Paralympic sports competition by hiring venue (EIS), inviting mainstream/special schools, purchasing medals etc

Dance Sharing for every pupil

Golden Mile fitness testing for every pupil








100% participation in whole school events

30% of pupils in upper KS2 represent the school in inter school competitions

“The opportunities our pupils get at this school are truly amazing. They don’t know how lucky they are.” (TA)


CPD Sport Premium Investment at Phillimore: Overview 2013 - 2014


Member of staff








Richard King

2013/14 x12







Tom Wray

2013/14 x12







John Ross



2013/14 x12





Michelle Wood

2013/14 x5







Catherine Ash



2013/14 x12





Ben Kay


2013/14 x12







Helen Davies


2013/14 x12






Jessica Crothers








Laura Tasker

2013/14 x12

2013/14 x12






Paula Kirby

2013/14 x12

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Kirsty Durrans








Lesley Taylor



2013/14 x12





Anne Clay



2013/14 x12





Sean Russell

2013/14 x12







Karen Miller

2013/14 x12















Nasreen Begum

2013/14 x12







Shelley Gyte

2013/14 x12












































How has Sport Premium 2013/14 impacted on life at Phillimore?


  • Increased confidence and competence of staff to deliver high quality PE lessons (evidence: feedback from staff and emails)

    “I think Joe has been great, I have learnt a lot from him” (Y3 teacher about the Games CPD)


    “Had a good session with Diane on Thursday. Really useful” (Y2 teacher about the Gymnastics CPD)

Dancing was great, my class responded really well. I am getting lots of ideas for planning; sometimes I even get ahead of Louise. I end up running backwards and forwards joining in and making notes. It is going to be good when we do the Tudor dance as well as it is such a different style of dancing” (Y4 teacher about the Dance CPD)

  • Units of work covering learning outcomes, learning objectives and progression uploaded on to staff share for following year group teachers to use (evidence: ‘staff share’)

  • Increased enjoyment and skill level for all pupils involved in the CPD lessons with a specialist: F1, F2, Y12, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 (evidence: writing and discussions with pupils)

  • Sport Premium ring fenced funding has increased the status of PE. Everyone is more aware of the importance of PE and School Sport. City wide opportunities are more readily encouraged and facilitated (evidence: school diary and ‘Sporting Achievements’ on website); PE is on the agenda for inset training and staff meetings with strategic emphasis (evidence: agenda and planning for training delivered by PE co-ordinator)

  • Knowledge brought up to date with attendance at conferences and training courses to enable the PE co-ordinator to disseminate information (evidence: agenda and planning for training delivered by PE co-ordinator)

School Sport

  • Due to the increase in confidence, a greater number of after school clubs are being offered by staff who now feel comfortable and are keen to do so (evidence: comparison table below)

Summer 2013

Summer 2014









Sitting Volleyball

Energy club

Goal ball

New Age Kurling




  • Increased number of pupils who previously have not taken part in either after school clubs or competitions including pupils with disabilities, Muslim girls, lower KS2 pupils, KS1 pupils (evidence: registers) enabled by new equipment and adults to deliver

  • Hosted an Olympic legacy grant from the British Olympic and Paralympic Association to roll out Paralympic sports across schools in Sheffield and run a Paralympic Sports competition supported by mainstream and special schools. Schools more receptive and enthusiastic due to the emphasis on PE and School Sport (evidence: feedback from schools, photos, report sent to Get Set, BOAPA)

  • Success (evidence: winning performance at UK School Games 2013 and subsequent appearances at Master Cutlers Centenary Dance and Sheffield Hallam University’s Primary and Early Years Conference; Athletics city finals 2014; Winners at the British Olympic and Paralympic Association’s National Paralympic Day Competition 2014)


  • Awareness of need to tackle diet as well as physical activity. Increased collaboration between active playtime co-ordinator, healthy schools co-ordinator, home to school link worker, learning mentor and PE co-ordinator (evidence: minutes of meetings and action plans)

  • Active playtimes improve as lunchtime supervisors work alongside coach delivering lunchtime activities (evidence: feedback from pupils and staff, photos)