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Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!


In the Foundation stage 1 team there is Miss Lathwood, Mrs Hostead, Mrs Booker and Miss Garner. Mrs Smith covers Miss Lathwood’s planning time on a Tuesday morning.



We are here to help you with child's first step of their learning journey.  You can always speak to us at the gate, leave a message with the school office or use Class Dojo.



Right from the start we encourage FS1 children to wear school uniform. Please make sure you write their names in permanent marker on a label or inside of the collar.





Red sweatshirt or cardigan   black trousers or leggings   dress     black skirt     white polo shirt  Sturdy shoes &             waterproof coat


Please ensure your child wears a waterproof coat whatever the weather as we play out in all weathers. Please also ensure your child wears shoes that they can put on and take off for themselves, laces are not suitable for children in nursery as they cannot do them for themselves.




Please provide your child a bag with spare clothes in, your child may be toilet trained but it is always good to have lots of spare clothes as nursery can be very messy!

We do not allow any mobile phones inside nursery, and we ask for parents to put their phones away when you walk through our school gate at drop off and pick up time. Please take the time to say goodbye to your child and greet your child when they come out of nursery.

  • Each child is assigned a key person
  • Ensures learning and individual needs are catered for
  • Supports needs of parents of children in their care
  • Refers parents to specialist support if needed e.g. speech therapy


Story time

Sharing a book with your child is very important not only for their reading journey but their journey in education as a whole. Reading with your child can support their listening and attention skills, it can teach them new words, it can provide you time for bonding without distractions, it can build on their understanding.

Encouraging a love of reading is really important to start from an early age. It is important to talk about the book, ask your child to point to objects in the book, point out an object, for example a tree and ask them to find another one, ask your child what they can see in the book, the things to talk about are endless! Turn over this sheet to see some ‘blank level questions’ these help to develop your child’s understanding of questions and the story.



In Nursery it is important for the children to be independent in as many ways as possible.

Teaching your child to do things for themselves helps them become fantastic problem solvers and helps to build on their learning skills.

Please teach your children to feed themselves, tidy away their toys, put on and take off their coat themselves and use the toilet independently by pulling down and up their pants and trousers.

Our Foundation Stage Vision