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Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!


In the Foundation stage 1 team there is Mrs Begum, Mrs Hostead, Mrs Barras, Mrs Booker, Mrs Orton and Miss Garner.



We are here to help you with child's first step of their learning journey.  You can always speak to us at the gate, leave a message with the school office or use Class Dojo.



At admission we will share your user name and password to connect to class dojo. Please check it regularly as we will share learning ideas with you. You can also communicate with us by sending us messages.


Important Information

Right from the start we encourage FS1 children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child has spare clothes including pants and socks, in a labelled bag and please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather e.g. sun hats or raincoats.



Other key things to remember:

Water is essential for your body! It helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells. It composes 75% of our brains.


Our Learning Journey

We will be learning ‘about ourselves and open our topic with the question;

What is special about me” and exploring Identity and diversity as part of our Global Curriculum.


In maths, we will be exploring numbers up to 5 and using numbers in our play. Through saying number rhymes; we will count, add and subtract numbers.

Examples include:

  • Five little ducks went swimming one day…
  • Five little speckled frogs…
  • Ten little men in a flying saucer…

We will also look at shapes, recognising, naming them and making links with what we see in our environment.


In Literacy, this half term we will be reading lots of books related to our topic of ourselves, autumn and other books that interest us.

Parents please help us with. Sharing and reading books will help us become better readers and writers. We will have a focus on mark making, and those able to form letters we will encourage them to write their names in daily provision.


Phonics will cascade through all areas of our learning including saying nursery rhymes and reading. We will start with Phase 1 phonics which includes listening to rhyming words and saying familiar rhymes like Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. We will stress that wall and fall rhyme.


Just some of the books we will be reading:



Year group expectations

I promise to always try my best

I promise to always have kind hands and feet

I promise to listen

I promise to share

I promise to say please, thank you and sorry when I need to


Home Learning

  • Share stories daily; find a regular time to share stories.
  • Look out for and read environmental print like the Lidl, McDonalds and Asda signs.
  • When you are out, count things you see around. Encourage your child to notice numbers all around them.

Look out for shapes around the house, like the door shape can be rectangular, the window can be square etc.



Our Foundation Stage Vision