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Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!


In the Foundation stage 1 team there is Miss Lathwood, Mrs Hostead, Mrs Barras, Mrs Booker and Miss Garner.



We are here to help you with child's first step of their learning journey.  You can always speak to us at the gate, leave a message with the school office or use Class Dojo.


Autumn 1


We would like to welcome our new parents and children to FS1. Welcome back to our families, we hope you’ve all had a lovely summer break!


Right from the start we encourage FS1 children to wear school uniform. Please make sure you write their names in permanent marker on a label or inside of the collar.




Red sweatshirt   black trousers      dress     black skirt     white polo shirt       Sensible                                                                                                              shoes & coat 



Class Dojo   

At admission we will share your username and password to connect to class dojo. Please check it regularly as we will share learning ideas with you. You can also communicate with us by sending us messages.                              





It is important to encourage your child to be independent. We find children are brilliant problem solvers if they are taught how to do things instead of having things done for them. We will encourage them to put on and take off their coats and jumpers for themselves, tidy away the toys and use the toilet independently in school, we hope you will encourage this at home too.



 Learning Journey

We will be learning about ourselves and open our topic with the question;

What is special about me?” and exploring identity and diversity as part of our Global Curriculum.

Through our learning we will begin to explore ourselves as individuals, who we are within our families, where we belong and begin to understand that we are all different, but we are all friends.



In maths, we will be exploring numbers up to 5 and using numbers in our play. Through saying number rhymes we will count, add and subtract.

Examples include:

  • Five little ducks went swimming one day…
  • One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive…..
  • Ten little men in a flying saucer…

We will also look at shapes, recognising, naming them and making links with what we see in our environment.




In Literacy, this half term we will be reading lots of books related to our topic of ourselves, autumn and other books that interest us.

Parents, please help us with sharing and reading books at home, this will help us become better readers and writers. We will have a focus on mark making, and those able to form letters we will encourage them to write their names.




Phonics will cascade through all areas of our learning including singing nursery rhymes and reading. We will start with Foundations for Phonics which includes listening to rhyming words, sharing stories and poems, developing our listening and attention skills and hearing high quality language in a language rich environment.


Books we will be reading:


And lots and lots more…

Home Learning

  • Share stories daily; find a regular time to share stories.
  • Look out for and read environmental print like the Lidl, McDonalds and Asda signs.
  • When you are out, count things you see around. Encourage your child to notice numbers all around them.

Look out for shapes around the house, like the door shape can be rectangular, the window can be square etc.


For your information

  • Please ensure your child brings a bag to school for their belongings.
  • Please ensure your child has spare clothes including pants and socks in their bag.

Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather e.g. sun hats or raincoats, we explore outside in ALL weathers.


Labelled water bottles

Please make sure your child has a labelled, reusable water bottle. We only allow children to have water in their bottles.


Research has shown that parents can enhance their child’s progress and attainment if they regularly engage in first hand experiences with them, which encourage positive social development, understanding of the world around them and thinking skills.

Going on visits out and about in the area that they live in is a simple way to achieve this through talking with your child and enjoying the experience. More information around visits will follow through the year.

We want the FS1 visit to be the ideal opportunity to share ideas with parents of how this can be done through simple talk and open questions.


Please make sure your child  attends school as every day counts!


Year group expectations

I promise to always try my best

I promise to always have kind hands and feet

I promise to listen

I promise to share

I promise to say please, thank you and sorry when I need to

Our Foundation Stage Vision