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What is RHE?

To embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, pupils need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and to build their self-efficacy. Pupils can also put this knowledge into practice as they develop the capacity to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex contexts.

RHE at Phillimore

Although Phillimore Community Primary School has taught PSHE, RHE (previously referred to as SRE - sex and relationships education), P4C and citizenship for many years, we are updating and improving our practice for several reasons:

1) The values, beliefs and conversation topics of society as a whole have changed and we need a curriculum that reflects that.

2) The statutory guidance from the department for education has changed and we have a responsibility to implement that guidance.

3) We are creating a new RSHE curriculum, in partnership with Learn Sheffield. This has been fully consulted upon with representatives from all religious groups within the City of Sheffield.

We will be adapting the Sheffield Primary RHE and PSHE Curriculum (Learn Sheffield), as well as using existing resources that we feel are already of a high standard. All staff in school have received training from the school’s RSHE coordinator, who has attended ongoing central training from Learn Sheffield alongside other Sheffield schools.

Although individual citizenship lessons will vary, there is a running theme across the subject. We aim to provide high quality stimuli, such as videos, books, pictures or scenarios. These will then lead on to class discussions, or questions for the teaching staff. Teachers will make it clear whether they are informing children or asking them to share their opinions. Where possible, citizenship lessons will be an opportunity for children to practice how to express their opinion and be honest, whilst also considering that other people in the room may not share their views. Other than in exceptional circumstances, we expect class teachers to deliver these materials themselves and to revisit topics that need more explanation at a later date.

National curriculum and Essentials curriculum links

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RHE Long Term plan