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History inspires children and arms them with communication and critical thinking skills which are crucial for life long learning. At Phillimore we teach history as part of the ‘Learning Journey’ curriculum so that the subject is taught in context with other subjects. This is more meaningful for our students, making them more motivated and leading to a higher level of understanding for the child.


All history teaching is reinforced by a chronological narrative. The subjects taught in each year group are listed below:


Key Stage 1


Year 1 Local History: Events in Darnall and Sheffield within living memory

Year 2 Introduction to key events and people in British History


Key Stage 2


Year 3 Ancient Greece; Ancient Civilisation Depth Study - The Indus Valley; The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle to rule England

Year 4 Mayan Civilization 900AD; Britain after the Roman Empire - settlement by Anglo Saxons and Scots

Year5 The Blitz in Sheffield; The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Year 6 Benin West Africa 900-1300AD; Slavery in the 18th Century; Changes in Britain from Stone age to Iron Age


How you can support your child at home

You can support your child by frequent trips to the library to research topics covered by their year group, visiting local museums (e.g. Weston Park, Millennium Gallery) discussing current events in the news with your child, or looking up the relevant links below:

Links to DFE website

Schools history project