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Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!



Class teacher:

Mrs Begum


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Hostead

Ms Lathwood

Mrs Barras

Mrs Cook


Learning Journey

We will be learning ‘about ourselves and open our topic with the question;

What is special about me”

We will learn about our bodies and what we can do with them. We will also learn about the world around us noticing changes in the seasons. We will go on an autumn walk where parents will be invited. Using our senses we will observe changes from summer to autumn and collect autumn treasures to explore further. We will also be involved in the whole school humanities week “Down our way” where we will make lots of cross curricular links but particularly look at features of houses that we live in.



In maths, we will be counting numbers up to 20 and using numbers in our play. Through singing number rhymes we will count, add and subtract.

Examples include:

  • Five little ducks went swimming one day…
  • Five little speckled frogs…
  • Ten in a bed…
  • Ten little men in a flying saucer…
  • One man went to mow… etc.
  • We will also look at shapes, recognising, naming them and making links with what we see in our environment.



In Literacy, this half term we will be reading lots of books related to our topic of ourselves, autumn and other books that interest us. We will continue with our reading challenge where we really challenge ourselves to read and share as many books as possible. Parents please help us with. Sharing and reading books will help us become better readers and writers. We will have a focus on mark making, and those able to form letters we will encourage them to write their names in daily. We will keep a record of this so we can show you how much they have progressed. Phonics will cascade through all areas of our learning including singing, music and reading.


Home Learning

  • Share stories daily; find a regular time to share stories.
  • Look out for and read environmental print like Lidl, McDonalds and Asda signs.
  • When you are out count things, you see around. Encourage them to notice numbers all around them.
  • Look out for shapes around the house, like the door shape can be rectangular, the window can be square etc.


Dates for your diary

  • 20th September Musician to work with FS1, “Our street our song”
  • 26th September-National fitness day.
  • 4th October ‘Autumn sensory walk’ in Phillimore Park.
  • 2nd October ‘Harvest festival’ donations for the food bank.
  • 25th October Musician in “Our street our song”
  • 26th October 2018 Inset day-Half term holidays.
  • 5th November 2018-Return to nursery
  • 5th November FS fireworks display.


For your information

  • There is a voluntary contribution of 75p per week (covers baking etc).
  • Please ensure your child has spare clothes including pants and socks, in a labelled drawstring bag.
  • Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather. E.g., sun hats or raincoats.
  • Book bags must be brought to school every Wednesday so that you can change their books from the family lending library.