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Our Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage lays firm foundations which nurture, shape lifelong learners, equipped with a thirst for knowledge ready for their journey of discovery and growth.

In our Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment. We realise that when most children join our Foundation Stage One (nursery), it is the first time they have left their home setting. Our FS1 staff are adept at ensuring that they ease their transition through high quality personal and social care.

Most of our children then move into Foundation Stage 2 (FS2), although we have children from other nurseries joining us too.

Throughout their time in the Foundation Stage, we strive to create a stimulating environment through a play based curriculum where children are given the opportunity to lead their learning and explore their interests.

Through carefully selected activities that challenge the children’s learning the staff are experienced to question and develop children’s abilities to become critical thinkers.