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Year 1 Children take on ‘grot spots’ in Darnall.

School’s 60 Year 1 pupils (aged between 5 and 6), teachers and parents are cracking down on ‘grot spots’ near their school in Darnall.


As part of a whole school Faculty Week on Citizenship (7-17th January), the Year 1s will run a campaign to clean up the litter that blights the ‘green’ space’ where children play and walk through each day to come to school.


In line with the Citizenship curriculum, 60 children will hunt for ‘grot spots’ in the green play areas that immediately surround Phillimore Community Primary School. The children will lead the Litter is Rubbish for Kids campaign, spotting junk for their teachers and parents to pick up on a special litter-picking afternoon (Thursday 10th January at 1pm).


For the Litter is Rubbish for Kids campaign they will:


  • Supervise adults as they litter-pick in the local park and around school.

  • Take pictures of local grot spots on i-pads and make a tally of the rubbish collected.

  • film news reports on i-pads, revealing their concerns about litter in their local area.

  • Create a slogan and recyclable posters for their campaign

  • Write their own letter to the council explaining their concerns. Haddiyah Ahmed from Year 1 said: “Rubbish that people just dropped comes down a hill and into our front garden all the time. It’s in the park when we go to play and it flies around and spoils our fun.”


    Gillian Biggs, Head Teacher of Phillimore Community Primary School added:


    “It is crucial that children learn as much as they can as early as possible about the impact of pollution and fly-tipping. Phillimore children have families based all around the world - litter is an issue that speaks to children both as Darnall residents and as global citizens.”


    Notes for Editors:


  • In 2017, The Sheffield Star ran a piece entitled Shocking Fly-tipping blights Sheffield Suberb featuring pictures of rubbish and fly tipping in Darnall.


  • Year 5 pupils will be running their own campaign on single-use plastic, making beeswax sandwich wrappers.