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Maths Club

Maths Club

  1. Club runs every Wednesday lunchtime in Class 14. We all enjoy playing maths games, working on our times tables and developing our maths skills together.


Maths Championships

Once a month, each teacher nominated around 3 children in their class to enter the famous Times Tables Competition! Children are told which times tables they have to learn and grab an early lunch before competition against other children in their key stage.

The winners so far:

  1. – Mariam M (KS2) Lara (KS1)
  1. – Ifraah (KS2) Junaina (KS1)
  1. – Mohammed M (KS2) Lara (KS1)
  2. – Mariam M (KS2) Hadia (KS1)

Below shows the journey to the final for Hadia in the KS1 January Maths Competition.

Picture 1