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Letter 4 - SAP Meeting invitation

This is what the letter inviting parents to a SAP meeting looks like.



Dear Parent or Carer


Due to ongoing concerns regarding your child’s current attendance (see attached attendance certificate). You are invited to attend a School Attendance Panel Meeting on


___________________________________________ at ________________________


The meeting will be with the Deputy Head teacher, Mrs Blakemore and myself.


It is very important that you attend the meeting, as it is your opportunity to discuss anything that you feel is affecting your ability to maintain your child’s regular attendance at school.


Please be reminded that, under section 444 of the 1996 Education Act, you have a legal obligation to ensure that your child attends school regularly, and failure to do so could ultimately result in a Fixed Penalty fine and/or a summons to appear at Magistrates’ Court.


You should be aware that the meeting will go ahead even if you do not attend and that a plan of action will be made in your absence.


After the meeting, you will receive a letter outlining the main points raised and any actions decided.


Yours sincerely