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Early Reading

Early reading skills


Early reading is really important in your child's life. Reading is a life long skill that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


1. Listen to your child read

Your child might bring home decodable books from school. Designed to allow your child to learn how to read independently, these books help children apply their phonic skills – sounding out the words on the page. Be patient and be impressed!


2. Link letter sounds to letter shapes

Your child will be learning letter sounds at school. Make sure you know how to say the sounds correctly . And don’t forget that some words, like said and the, are tricky and can’t be sounded out so keep pointing these out to practise them.


3. Looking at words and letters

After you have read a book, play letter-spotting and word games like these with your child: Can you find Dan’s name on this page? Can you find the word ‘and’ on this page? How many words can you find on this page that begin with ‘t’? Get your child to ask you too!


4. Sound out first...

If your child gets stuck on a word, check first if it can be sounded out or blended by saying the letter sounds individually and putting them together quickly to hear the word. If your child can’t work out the word, then you say it and move on.