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Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure Report


Context of the school – highlights

  • The school is a larger than averaged sized primary school. It serves the Darnall area of Sheffield, which is high in deprivation (top 10%)
  • The majority of pupils have English as an additional language
  • There is an increasing number of pupils with a Gypsy, Roma, Slovak background
  • The proportion of disadvantaged children is higher than the national average
  • Mobility is high compared to other schools.



PP children on roll





PP Grant Received: £172,180 (from September2017)


Spend: £464,533.51


Difference made by school budget: £292,353.51







Improve attendance and decrease persistently absent numbers



Closing the gaps in mathematics




Closing the gaps in reading and phonics




Closing the gaps in writing




Closing the gaps in SPAG


Higher attaining pupils continue to show good progress



All Objectives


Cost of intervention Meeting s x3



Cost of Pupil Progress Meetings x6



Easter School



Free Breakfast



Closing Gap Interventions



Inclusion additionality



Nurture / N2E



Lexia Licence

£567 for this budget (£1703 for 36 months)


Children’s University



Speech and Language additionality



Family Workshops







Quality 1st Teaching and TA in class support.



1:1 PP Worker



Subsidising visits / experiences