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PE at Phillimore

Overview of PE Units of Work 2017/18

Rationale: Units of work created with the PE and Sport Premium funding in the form of CPD over the last few years, must be delivered to the appropriate year group to ensure sustainability. The planning is on staff share so if you have moved year groups, ask if you can’t find the planning. It is important to follow the overview below to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum which is on staffshare and on the school website for parents/carers to view. It is also important to follow the new National Curriculum and deliver an understanding of healthy active lifestyles, British values and SMSC education through PE lessons. These skills (sometimes referred to as ‘soft skills’) should also assist with whole school approaches to activities both within and outside the classroom: confidence, perseverance, creativity, ability to listen, communication, leadership, ability to solve problems, working with others and all the Secrets of Success. CPD in areas identified by staff will be allocated over the next few weeks. In addition, if you would like to request some CPD, please let me know asap – it is your entitlement - funding from the Government is for this purpose. Once the funding is withdrawn, schools are expected to have upskilled all current teaching staff in line with the qualifications NQ teachers are being trained in and all to be delivering high quality PE lessons. QA of PE lesson will be carried out Autumn 1 or 2.




The above gives a well balanced PE curriculum and for the purpose of this exercise, the assumption has been made that there will be six weeks in each half term (even though this is not necessarily the case). It is important that we stick to the curriculum map to ensure the above coverage, however our pupils also benefit when we respond to offers made from outside the school eg SHU students, SSP festivals and competitions. Please let me know if changes are made in case I am asked about the above!